Monday, September 27, 2010

Book Review of Exposed

Exposed, by Ashley Weis, is unlike any Christian novel you’ve ever read.

First, there’s the subject matter—pornography and the effect it has on women whose husbands become involved in viewing the material, as well as the women who “star” in the projects. The novel changes point-of-view with each chapter, alternating between a Christian wife and a young woman involved in the industry.

Then there’s the language used in the book. Don’t get me wrong—there’s no cursing or use of profanity, but there are words that are nitty-gritty and don’t usually make an appearance in a Christian novel. However, they are necessary to the plot, and are not used in a vulgar manner. It’s realistic writing.

Exposed exposes the secrets that some people try to hide for their whole life. It shows how easy it is for vulnerable young women to become enslaved to this lifestyle. The tension and deep hurt that pornography brings to a marriage is shown. This is something many women can identify with.

The chapters are short, which means one always has the time to read at least one more! The writing is tight and descriptive. Ms. Weis has tackled an extremely difficult subject with much realism, grace, and hope. I highly recommend this novel, and hope she continues to write many others.