Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Sky Is Falling!

Did you happen to catch the Perseid meteor showers this past weekend?

Every year about this time the night sky is filled with falling stars. When our children were young, we woke them up at 4AM and went out on the patio to watch the stars make their arc across the sky. I served star-shaped sugar cookies and Coke and we made a party of it. Good memories!

Now that we live in a multi-generational house with young grandkids, the tradition has come down another generation. Because of Joshua's gluten allergies, the star-shaped cookies went by the wayside. But Sunday night, around 11 o'clock, the six of us gathered comforters and sleeping bags and lay back on the driveway to watch God's firework display. Joshua, who at six is a literalist, worried that we might get wet from the meteor shower! (Spoken like a true Oregonian.)

The day had been very cloudy, but a brief rain shower late in the afternoon cleared all that away, and we had an uncluttered view of the heavens. The night air was cool and we were grateful for the blankets covering us. Frogs croaked, their deep, harsh tones carrying across the darkness. The fir trees surrounding the house stood as sentries, keeping the distant yelps of coyotes from being too fearful.

The two kids loved not only seeing the meteors, but also various satellites that followed their preset march across the sky. By the end of the evening Joshua decided he wants to be an astronaut. Might as well dream big!

It was a great opportunity for Christina and Kevin to deepen their kids' understanding of the handiwork of God. And when Kevin said, "Okay, Lord, give us a grand finale," the brightest star of all flung itself like an acrobat across the midnight sky, a flaming tail marking its demise into the horizon. Our collective "Ooh," rose as praise to God.

More good memories.


Anonymous said...

No fair!! I prayed for a big finale too!!! All I got was a flicker. ; )

Actually, I didn't think it would clear up at all, but it did, and the stars were so bright a few reflected off the crashing waves. Gorgeous.

Next time the shower hits, can I join your party? They make gluten-free cookies ... don't they? (And by then Christina and I will be on better terms, I'm sure.) (Hee-hee-hee .....)

Sherrie Ashcraft said...

Sure, Donna, come join our party next year! Although the sight of stars reflecting off the waves sounds awesome!

And you're right, by a year from now you and Christina should be tight again!!


Christina Berry said...

You captured the moment beautifully, Mom!

Anonymous said...

We want to come next time, too! All we see here in the city is streetlights.