Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stick It To Me!

Those of you who were readers of my blogspot postings before I joined ShoutLife know that in October I started acupuncture treatments. I won't post the picture again of a foot being invaded by needles, as it made some people a wee bit queasy!

I sought out this alternative medicine due to decades of insomnia and Restless Leg Syndrome, as well as developing peripheral neuropathy in my feet a few years ago. Medication helped with the first two conditions, but was very expensive as our insurance doesn't cover them.

Acupuncture treatments became part of my schedule once a week for the first couple of months, but then I was able to lengthen it to two weeks between sessions. I'm here to say I've had fantastic results with the insomnia and restless legs and rarely have to use any medication. The neuropathy has been more resistent, but at least it hasn't got any worse.

I was very sad when my acupuncturist left her practice in January. But her replacement, Dr. Lise Harrington, has been awesome. Not only does she load me up with needles, but also does chiropractic adjustments and massage! It's like a one-stop, full-service office visit. When she's through working on me I feel like I'm just a melted mass of relaxation and can hardly slip off the treatment table and drive home!


Robin Johns Grant said...

Ah, shucks, I wanted to see the picture! LOL! Seriously, I'm glad to know there's something out there for restless leg syndrome besides the scary medicine they advertise on TV. I may need it someday soon.

Rebecca Barlow said...

Funny I was just thinking of going back to an acupuncturist I used to see a couple of years ago.

I just remember feeling really at ease and an overall sense of well being during the time I was being treated by her--could sure use that right now!!!