Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ever Feel Like An Idiot?

It's been one of those days!!

I decided to do a load of laundry this afternoon. Stripped our bed and took the sheets into the laundry room. I have the convenience of having my dryer stacked on top of the washer, making the most of the available space. I stuck the sheets in the machine and closed the door, then added laundry detergent, bleach, and fabric softener in the little receptacles in the washer, and started the wash cycle.

About 35 minutes later I heard the buzzer that signifies the washer is through with the load. I went in and opened the dryer door, only to be amazed that the sheets were already in there! "That's funny," I thought. "I don't even remember putting them there! More time must have passed than I realized." I reached for the sheets, but they were cool to the touch. Hmm, they should be warm! I brought them to my nose to inhale the fresh scent of bleach and fabric softener, only to get a whiff of sleeping bodies.

Yep, you guessed it! I had put the dirty sheets in the dryer, closed the door and hadn't started the cycle. But I added all the cleaning necessities to the washer, and put it through an entire cleaning cycle with nothing in it! (Kinda like my brain, I'm thinking!!)

I exited the room and said out loud, "What an idiot!!" And there was my son-in-law, standing there at the perfect time to have his suspicions confirmed. "What happened, Mom?"

"You don't want to know, " I said, hoping to keep a modicum of dignity intact.

"Oh, but I'm sure I do," he replied.

So, I told him the whole painful story. (The reason it's painful is because he laughed so hard I think he got a stitch in his side.) He asked, "So if you do stuff like this now, what are you going to save for when you're senile?"

"I'm doing it now, while I can still get a good laugh out of it too!"

Now wouldn't you feel like an idiot if you'd done that? Well, I have no shame and love a good laugh, so at AWANA tonight I was telling one of the ladies about this stupid thing I'd done this afternoon. As we were both laughing about it, I looked down at the new cardigan I was wearing, and noticed it still had one of those 6-inch long clear tags running down my bosom, with the size "Large" clearly marked on it. And I've worn it around town all week!

There's nothing wrong with me that half a brain wouldn't cure!

8 comments: said...

You are priceless! (Of course, I've always known that!!)

I do, though, HAVE to share this with your Auntie Jo!!

Love you, Mom

Viv said...


Thanks for the laugh. You and I are kindred spirits for sure. Sounds like something I would do.
Love, Viv

Pam said...

I can totally see myself doing that, and, yes, anything so profoundly brainless definitely needs to be cashed in on a good laugh or two! With your openness many of us will come out of the closet and you'll discover just what good company you're in!

Pam, a True Viner

Sherrie Ashcraft said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies! It's nice to know I'm not alone. Maybe I should write a book called "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being an Idiot!" I certainly wouldn't have to do much research!!

Loy Stratton said...

Oh My Word!! Now that I am done laughing....with you, I can send my comment. I LOVE it. You are so honest!! I am quite certain I could do all those things mentioned, but I would keep it a secret! I just love you Sherrie, and I miss you so much!!

God Bless!! Loy

Anonymous said...

Yes, but have you ever tried to put the toaster in the refrigerator?

I have. Not once, but twice.

I'll help you write the Guide. ; )

(P.S. Just heard the news and checked out Christina's blog ... puppies and contracts. Oh my, what a time you must be having on Ashberry Lane. Wish I was there!!!!)

Love you bunches,

Robin Johns Grant said...

Oh my gosh, this is so me! I could have done both of those things! Probably have, as a matter of fact. Lately I'm beginning to wonder if a certain box of goodies will ever get mailed. I keep making the trip to the Post Office, but the box is still at home. Details, details!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis!

My wife saved me last week from walking around with one of those clear strips running down my pantleg. I'm sure I'd still be wearing it!