Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've Been Taking a Pounding!

I've got a few snippets of things to share with you this time, but hopefully you'll see the common thread. (I must confess, however, that I'm not a very good seamstress!)

Fifteen pounds: When I got home from the ACFW conference in September and stepped on the scale, I was appalled. Then when I saw pictures taken of me there I felt even worse. Where had this overweight woman come from? I used to be way too thin and found it impossible to gain. I would read magazine articles having to do with weight loss and do the opposite of what they said, trying to put a few ounces on my tall frame. Way back in high school I'd been so thin that a doctor had put me on pills that he gave to football players to make them gain weight. While I took those, I gained 1/2 pound a day, but as soon as I was off them, the weight slithered off. Decades had passed and trying to gain weight was no longer a problem. Now the opposite was an unwanted part of my life.

I had been a member of Curves for over a year by the time I returned from ACFW, but hadn't taken it seriously. I would go when I could fit it into my schedule (it's 25 minutes away), or when I didn't have anything better to do. Needless to say, that meant I rarely showed up. But after seeing those pictures ... well, enough was enough! Since the first week of October I have worked out at Curves three times a week, with the only exception being when we were snowed in for two weeks at Christmas. I've been more aware of the size of my portions and have lost 15 pounds. That's a great way to start the year!

Four pounds: When I walked into Curves today, the staff person told me she needed to take my picture. Usually I have other places to go after working out, and have my hair and makeup done. But today I'd basically rolled out of bed, pulled my hair back, and only put mascara on before heading out the door. Certainly not at my most glamorous. When I asked why she needed a photo, she said I had been the woman to lose the most weight over the holiday season! It was only four pounds, but hey, it was a loss and I had worked hard for it. Another great way to start the year! (And I convinced her to wait until Monday to snap the picture!)

Seven pounds: John and I rarely have a date to the movies because we have a wonderful home theater and wait to see videos there. But last night was an exception. Christina, Kevin, and the kids were gone for the weekend. Instead of enjoying the unusually empty house, we heated up leftovers, gobbled them down, and headed off to the movies. And you probably know what we saw, if you're picking up on the theme of this post. Yes, Will Smith's latest--Seven Pounds. I'm not going to say what it's about, as it's so much more fun to discover it for yourself. As a writer, I was taken with how the information was given to the viewers in a way that we had to piece it together. It certainly wasn't spelled out, and we weren't told what to think about it. It was a very thought-provoking movie and one we discussed on the way home. Go see it for yourself and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Hi sherrie, I'd like to share my weight story with you.

It was about four months ago when I ran into an old friend of mine at Starbucks and he told me about an amazing product that surpresses the appetiteand burns fat cells. Well I said here we go again. I have tried shakes, and special meals. Of course nothing seem to help long term. I kept an open mindsince this one was unique and had three government pattents. I thought maybe this is the one to help me get rid of those stubron pounds. My friend Mike told methis product took ten years to develop. The herbs and vitamins had to have cynergy and taste great. It also came with a money back guarantee. I felt I had nothing to lose but weight. Now four months later I am at my weight of 30 years ago. I am 6' and weigh 235. Not bad since four months before I was 290. Went from a 42 waist to a 38. I accomplished this with very little exercise and still ate what ever I wanted. I made a voul to share this life changing product with every one I meet. From Mal It's fun and simple I call it a Miracle on a Stick

Donna said...

Okay I don't have a great story to tell only that I need to get back in shape. I hope to see more of your journey it is an inspiration.

Robin Johns Grant said...

I have sort of the opposite weight story. I was always a chubby kid and struggled with weight, and when I got to college I really ballooned. All that eating while studying. (I used to say I had developed a new routine. Open book, open mouth.) After college I joined Weight Watchers, got in shape, and kept the weight off for about 25 years without much trouble. Now I've hit middle age. Yikes! It's been creeping back up on me at about 3 pounds a year. I'm trying all my old tricks and nothing is working. This old dog is definitely going to have to find some new tricks! I'm hoping the used treadmill I just acquired from my cousin is going to help.

Christina Berry said...

I would go if I could find a safe, reliable, responsible mother--oops! I mean babysitter--to watch my kids.


Anonymous said...

I try not to be too analytical when I watch a film, prefering to let it wash over me (I never even TRY to figure out whodunnit, if it's that type of film). When the final image faded from the screen and the words "Seven Pounds" came up I was still trying to make sense of the title. Lisa leaned over, and summed up the meaning in afew simple words and I knew that she was right on.

Thanks for alerting me to this film early on, Sis. I enjoyed the way the plot elements were parsed so sparingly throughout, keeping the audience engaged as the tragic story unfurled. I couldn't have imagined what he had in that bucket!